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Eric Lieser

Eric grew up in the country of Florin. His favorite pastimes were….. Oh wait, that's from a movie I saw once (or twice)...


Hello, my name is Eric. My wife and I are the founders of Burlwood Ministries. I grew up in Stearns County Minnesota. I say I grew up in the whole county because my family moved a few times during my childhood. In total I attended 5 different school districts. Most of the moving started when my mother died of cancer at the age of 28. When my dad remarried we left our farm in the country and moved to town. Thankfully, we moved back out to the country by the time I started high school. I found my faith in Jesus as a senior in high school. I met my wife in high school, and we got married after I finished technical college. After we got married, we became active in our church. This became a pattern for my life - as God led us to new locations, we became active in the church in each new area. It was in our first church that I was exposed to a great Men’s Ministry event. God gave me a passion for helping men to grow with Him and each other. One of my friends at that church used to have a meeting in his garage each week. He called it Shop Talk. Guys could come and hang out and talk cars, work, and most importantly, God.

This became the launch pad for a men’s Bible study that has been meeting for a few years in my garage. It is a time for us to grow in our relationship with God and each other. This became the foundation for our local church men’s group. It also became the inspiration for Burlwood Ministries. As God has used me to help the men in my church, I realized there was a great need for this in a broader scale.

So now I, along with my wife and our herd of attack cats (actually they are just outdoor cats), am using what God has brought me through in my life to expose the beauty that God has hidden in our scars.

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